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Multi Vitamins in Pakistan:

Vitamins of different types are an important part of our diet – Multi-vitamin keeps the normal metabolism and function of the body – here is the main thing: Ankle Vitamin can make our body nourish able and food According to different studies, 90 percent of the population of Pakistan’s population was not completely present in vitamins and due to their lack of children and large number of different types of hemorrhoids

Vitamins and the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) For Adult.

Vitamins are essential for maintaining normal metabolism and function. Human body itself cannot produce vitamins but requires from food, vitamins required by the body everyday is minimum, but lack of it may cause physiological & pathological change in human cells, turbulence of metabolism in avitaminosis.
The RDA represents the establishment of a nutritional norm for planning & assessing dietary intake and are the levels of intake of essential nutrients considered to be adequate to meet needs of practically all healthy people.

 Multi Vitamins Ingredients:

Vitamin A (116 IU ), vitamin B1,B2,B6,,B12,Vitamin C (40mg),Vitamin D (180 IU ),Vitamin E (500 mg,Folic acid  niacin and also included Calcium , Magnesium and Magnet,

ingredients of multivitamin

Main causes of vitamin deficiency

1.  Food Deficiency

This is the biggest reason and 90 percent of Pakistan’s people suffer from it-additionally if you are also available to vitamins, cooking and storing food increases large amounts of acne vitamin.

2.Reduction of systemic digestive dose

With our age, our gastrointestinal dose reduces the ability to digestive and intestinal food-which does not benefit from our body despite eating food. –

 3.Faster growth of body food:

Fertility and vitamins increases the body’s food after childhood, growth and age.

 4.Beat vitamins from other sources other than food:

Eat Boa c tic-use medicines are harmful to our bodies, harmful bacteria as well as those benefiting the body-which are the most effective and food-consumed ingredients. The effect is affected – as well as the lack of access to the sunlight body, and other reasons for protein D decreased to the extent that Pakistani people have become obsolete- and due to this lack of immortal people is not safe.

Effects of significant vitamins Benefits E, D, C, B, A and their deficiency: Multi Vitamins Benefits:

Multi-vitamin keeps the normal metabolism and function of the body. Green world multivitamin tablets supply all the necessary vitamins required by the body. Intake of this product every day can balance the vitamin supplement requirements for both adults and children Suitable for:

  • Adults especially :
  • people with vitamin deficiency
  • people cannot meet their RDA of vitamins


The deficiency of vitamins E, D, C, B, A Can also be found following the problems and the other problems. Lack of eyesight, obesity, skin problems, bone and joint problems, small height, bleeding, pregnancy waste, nervous flaws, memory weakening, blood pressure, mental illness, and many other problems may occur

Vat Benefits:

Form & maintain healthy teeth, bones, soft tissue, mucus membranes& skin.
Deficiency: Nyctalopia, Dry eye disease, dry skin.
RDA-Male 3000 IU   Female 2333 IU.

Vit B  Benefits:

Transform carbohydrate into energy. Also essential for heart function & healthy nerve cells.
Deficiency: Dematoplytosis.Beri-Beri, abnormal blood sugar, depression, fatigue, Nusea, vomiting, gastrointestinal

RDA- Male 1.1mg     Female 1.1mg

Vit B2 Benefits:

Benefit: Work with other B.vits.Important for body growth and production of red blood cells.
Deficiency: Inflammation of lip, mouth, tongue and scrotum.
RDA- Male   1.1mg Female 1.1mg

Vit B6 Benefits:

Benefit: Form red blood cells and maintain brain function. Important in synthesize of proteins
that are part of many chemical reactions in the body.
Deficiency: Inflammation of the skin, a sore tongue, depression, cognitive problems and
eventually convulsions.
RDA-Male 1.3mg   Female 1.3mg

Vat B12 Benefits:

Important for metabolism, form red blood cells and maintain the central nervous sys.
Deficiency: Pernicious Anemia
RDA-Male 2.4mg  Female 2.4mg

Vat C Benefits:

An antioxidant that promotes healthy teeth and gum. Help the body absorbs iron &maintains healthy tissue. Promote wound healing.


Scurvy, gingivitis, petechiae rash, internal bleeding, impaired wound healing.
RDA-Male 60-95mg Female 60-95mg.

Vat D Benefits

Help the body absorb calcium for the normal development & Maintenance of healthy teeth & bones. Maintaining proper blood levels of calcium & phosphorus.
Deficiency: Rickets, Bone pain & muscle weakness.
RDA-Male 600 IU Female 600 IU.

Niacin Benefits  

A vat B complex that helps maintain healthy skin & nerves also has cholesterol.


Vat E Benefits:

An antioxidant for formation of red blood cells & help the body use vat k.
Deficiency: Hemolytic anemia & neurologic deficits.
RDA- Male 15mg   Female 15mg.

Multi-vitamin keeps the normal metabolism and function of the body. Green world multivitamin tablets supply all the necessary vitamins required by the body. Intake of this product every day can balance the vitamin supplement requirements for both adults and children Suitable for:

  • Adults especially :
  • people with vitamin deficiency
  • people cannot meet their RDA of vitamins


Mothers know how hard it is to make a child eat healthy foods which are to maintain source of vitamins and minerals. Children need these necessary nutrients for their healthy immune system and for their physical and mental development. Unfortunately, not many kids are getting all necessary vitamins through their diet. Deficiency of those vitamins may cause retarded growth and development and even serious diseases in children.

work function of multi vitamin capsule



VITAMIN A-an eye vitamin. If a child watching TV frequently for prolonged time, or very often sits by computer, his/her eyes are consuming a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency may lead to poor vision, poor growth and weekend immune system.


Children who eat a lot of sweets may develop deficiency of B vitamins, because these vitamins are very easily destroyed by sugar. B vitamins are important for well functioning of nervous system and are essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates. B6, B12, folate and especially B1 vitamin are very important for your child’s brain and their deficiencies may lead to reduced concentration and poor memory.

Vitamin C

Fruits and vegetables are the richest vitamin C source and many kids do not get enough of this vitamin because they don’t eat enough of fresh produce. Craving for junk foods cause many kids at high risk to develop vitamin C deficiency. Those kids who are having frequent colds or infections are most likely lacking vitamin C, which is necessary for strong immune system. Also this vitamin is required for normal growth, wounds healing and healthy gums

Two-thirds of children are not getting enough of this vitamin. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is important in the prevention of cancer and hard disease. Lack of vitamin in kid’s diet can retard growth and induce anemia.

1g x 100 tabs Green World Multi Vitamin Vitamin Tablets include Vitamins Calcium, Magnesium, Magnificent Nutrition,2- Now the question is that if the ingredients above are available in the market, there are many cheaper vitamin tablets, then why do Green World’s Multi Vitamin glands be used? The answer is that iron ore is the highest quantity of iron-if we eat iron balloons such as hair barking, then how will we lose our body size? Do not answer it only important that your food is the main ingredients – but also the condition of the body should be tedious, which can be used as absorbed by excessive body- this is because it is not absorbed and the system Throughout the body, it is lost – Green World Multi Vitamin Vitamin is natural, and its ingredients will keep in mind that the body is absorbed as quickly as possible.DOSAGE:Baby: Daily 1 tablet Large: 1 to 2 TABLETS daily

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